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Lift Stations, Plant City, FL

We specialize in the maintenance and repairs of lift stations.

Lift Station in Plant City, Florida
If you live in a rural area of Plant City, Florida, your sewage system may be off the grid, which means you have a septic system that stores and processes the waste that comes through the pipes. The two most critical components of a septic system are the tank and the drain field. When your septic system is installed, the technicians will determine whether you need a third component, called a lift station. If a system can be fed by gravity due to the grading of the property, a lift station isn’t always necessary. However, if the slope of the land doesn’t allow the waste to properly move through the pipes and into the tank, you will need a lift station, which is a powered component that forcefully moves liquid and solid waste.

Lift stations include distribution boxes, transfer pumps, and pipes to connect the two components. The pump moves water from the tank when the level rises to a certain point, pushing it through the sealed pipes to the distribution box. When installing a lift station, a septic technician must ensure that the proper pump size is used to avoid backups and other issues. The distribution box of the lift station sits at the highest point on the drain field and is buried beneath the ground as well. When liquid waste moves into that box, it can exit through the outlet pipes to the branches of the drain field for treatment and filtration.

At Tampa Septic, we specialize in the maintenance and repairs of lift stations. If you need assistance with this component of your system, contact us today.

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