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Lift Stations, Spring Hill, FL

Lift stations help septic systems function on sloped or steep properties.

Lift Stations in Spring Hill, Florida
When it comes to waste management, most people don’t think twice about what happens after they flush a toilet or empty the sink. However, here at Tampa Septic, we have made it our business to know, on a quite thorough level, what happens with your wastewater! If you are in the Spring Hill, Florida area, you know that septic systems are not uncommon around here. While many septic systems or other wastewater symptoms can work fine using gravity as their guide, there are some properties with slopes or hills that require lift stations in order to work properly by defying gravity a little!

Lift stations work in a similar fashion to the float on your average toilet. When the toilet is flushed, the float descends. As the water in the tank starts to fill, your float rises and will stop the filling of the water once it reaches a certain point. In a similar fashion, a lift station also has a float, but with slightly different results. When the water or sewage levels reach a certain, pre-determined amount, a float in the lift station will be activated and let the lift station know it is time to pump excess water, gray water and wastewater to a different area of the system.

Here at Tampa Septic, we have been working with all aspects of septic systems, including lift stations for many years now. In fact, we have combined over 30 years’ worth of experience for us to draw upon concerning your septic needs. If you have questions about lift stations, we would love to help you. Please give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss lift stations or other septic needs with you.

At Tampa Septic, we offer lift station services in Tampa, Brandon, Brooksville, Dade City, Lake Wales, Land O’ Lakes, Lutz, New Port Richey, Odessa, Plant City, Ridge Manor, Spring Hill, Thonotosassa, Wesley Chapel, and Zephyrhills, Florida.


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