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Lift Station, Tampa, FL

We are equipped to ensure that your lift station is working properly in Tampa.

Lift Station in Tampa, Florida
Do you have a sewer line that is installed at a lower elevation, and your sewage needs to be processed at a different location? If so, you will need a lift station to ensure that your entire septic system is working properly. At Tampa Septic, we are experts in designing, installing and maintaining a variety of residential and commercial septic systems, and we are prepared to assist you with your lift station in Tampa, Florida.

Your lift station is activated when the floats and sensors indicate that your sewage container has reached a certain level. At this point, a pump is then activated to move waste to another sewer line and waste management location. At Tampa Septic, we are equipped to ensure that your lift station is working properly, provide necessary repairs, and also replace your pump and alarm systems should something begin to malfunction. Because you rely on your lift station every day, it’s important that you have our experienced team available to assist you so you can prevent waste management problems at your site.

If you have questions about your lift station or would like to schedule services, contact us at Tampa Septic today. We have a cross-trained team that is committed to exceeding customer expectations. You will never have to worry that your septic system maintenance needs are not met when you work with us at Tampa Septic. With cost-effective solutions and 30 years of combined experience, we can assist you with all your septic needs.

FAQs About Lift Stations

Considering many people are unfamiliar with septic systems, it’s no surprise that even more people know very little about lift stations. We’re here to answer your questions about lift stations to ensure you can get the services you need and keep your septic system functioning properly. Check out our frequently asked questions below or contact us if you have other questions.

Do all septic systems have lift stations?

No. Lift stations are only required specifically in areas where changes in elevation make it difficult or impossible for the septic system to function using gravity alone. If the septic tank or drain field is located at a higher elevation than a home’s sewer line, a lift station should be used to pump the sewage upward so it can be treated.

What size lift station do I need?

The size of the lift station you need depends on several factors. We’ll need to look at the size of the property as well as the amount of waste residents produce. Luckily, our team knows how to measure these properly and use that information to make accurate calculations.

How long should my lift station last?

A lift station should last around 15 to 20 years, provided that you keep up with its maintenance.

What are some signs that I should look into lift station replacement?

When your lift station nears the end of its lifespan, you might notice issues like frequent blockages, higher electricity bills (due to constant running), rusting or corroding valves, and strange noises. We’ll let you know if these problems can be resolved or if you need to replace your lift station.

At Tampa Septic, we offer lift station services in Tampa, Odessa, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Brandon, Spring Hill, ZephyrhillsPlant City, Dade City, Brooksville, Lake Wales, Thonotosassa, Wesley Chapel, and Ridge Manor, Florida.


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