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Are Septic Alarms Worth the Investment?As a property owner with a septic system, you may wonder whether adding all of the bells and whistles to your wastewater management system is worth the hassle. After all, septic systems are specifically designed to be simple and self-sufficient so long as you maintain them over time. Right? While this is basically true, there is one addition to your septic system that can be very important and helpful in preventing septic emergencies, and that is a septic alarm.

Septic alarms can be crucial to alerting you when something is amiss with your septic system, especially when there are no other indicators that anything might be wrong. For example, if you have a lift station, septic alarms can tell you when there is a malfunction preventing the lift station from carrying wastewater to its intended destination. Furthermore, septic alarms can be attached to your backwater valve, alerting you to the fact that your septic system is overloaded.

Early warning signals are your first line of defense against a greater septic problem, making septic alarms a worthwhile investment for both commercial and residential septic systems. While they are certainly optional, they allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind.

At Tampa Septic, we often recommend septic alarms for residential and commercial property owners, and we’ll be happy to install and maintain them along with the rest of your wastewater management system. If you have questions about this important equipment or would like us to assess your septic system at your home or business, contact us today.