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you will soon need lift station pump replacement

Your septic system relies on gravity in order to function. When you need the contents of your septic system to travel from a lower to higher one, a lift station pump performs that function for you. When it is too expensive or problematic to excavate lower than the lowest sources of wastewater, a lift station provides a perfect solution. With regular maintenance and occasional inspections, lift station pumps can last fifteen to twenty years before you will need a lift station pump replacement. However occasionally, your lift station pump may encounter problems and not last as long as expected. If you think your lift station may be in trouble or reaching the end of its lifespan, here are some warning signs that you need lift station pump replacement:

  • Frequent clogs – Flushing products other than waste and toilet paper can be problematic, especially for older pumps. If this has happened many times, you may need an updated pump which is better able to handle these blockages.
  • Constant running – As your pump gets older, the wear causes it to become less efficient, and it needs to run more frequently. The constant running may be an indication that it is reaching the end of its life span and that you will soon need lift station pump replacement.
  • Rusty valves – If your valves are rusting, you may have rust in other parts of your lift station as well.
  • Buzzing noise when pumping – A buzzing noise can mean your pump is clogged or having other problems. It is best to have a professional check it out right away.

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