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FAQs About Septic Tank Alarms

Septic tank alarms are a vital part of systems reliant on pumps to move wastewater. These alarms alert homeowners to issues before they become serious problems. Here are some frequently asked questions about septic tank alarms to help you understand how they function and why they are important.

  • Why Is My Septic Tank Alarm Going Off? The water level in the tank is too high or too low. Too much water in the tank could be because of excessive water usage, groundwater infiltration, or a malfunctioning pump. Too little water could signal a leak.
  • Now What Do I Do? First, mute the alarm. The visual alert will remain active until the issue is resolved. Check the septic breaker to see if the system has power. Reduce water use in your home and contact us for help.
  • How Often Should Septic Tank Alarms Be Replaced? Properly maintained septic tank alarms can last 15-20 years. Be sure to regularly check their operation at the alarm unit and the float.
  • Do All Septic Systems Have Alarms? Not all septic systems have alarms, but we recommend that you have one. We can suggest the right alarm for your septic system and install it.
  • Do I Need a Professional to Look at My Septic System? A professional has the expertise to diagnose and fix the problem that caused the alarm to go off. We make sure your septic system is functioning properly.

Remember, a septic tank alarm is not a cause for panic but a prompt to act. If you need a new alarm or want to replace the one you have, give us a call.