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considering buying a home with a septic system

Septic systems are used for homes or business in places where a sewage system does not exist, performing the jobs that a sewage system would normally do. They are common in rural areas where homes are far apart. Having a septic system allows these homes and businesses to have the plumbing conveniences of more urban areas; however, certain differences exist that call for particular care and maintenance of your private septic system. If you are considering buying a home with a septic system, there are several things you should know:

  1. Regular real estate inspections do not include septic system inspections. It is important that you seek a real estate septic inspection before buying a home with a septic system. This thorough inspection will arm you with important information that could influence your decision of whether or not to follow through with your purchase or give you some negotiating power as you settle on a sale price.
  2. Septic systems need regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the functionality of the system. Each component of your septic system should be inspected regularly to make sure that it is continuing to operate as intended. Regular inspections can help you avoid costly repairs and hazardous situations. You also need to have your septic tank pumped every few years.
  3. It is critical that you hire a company with experience and expertise to handle any of your septic needs. Here at Tampa Septic, we are licensed, bonded, insured, and have decades of experience that qualifies us to provide for all of your septic needs.

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