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aerobic septic systemsAerobic septic systems can be used when conventional systems are not viable. Often, this type of system is used to replace a failing one. Aerobic and conventional systems are alike in that they both employ natural processes to treat wastewater. The difference is that the aerobic method requires oxygen.

There are 2 types of bacteria – aerobic and anaerobic. The first works quicker than the second, so waste is processed faster. Aerobic septic systems have a mechanism that injects and circulates air inside the tank to accelerate treatment. The mechanism, however, needs electricity to operate.

Because of this, an aerobic system will cost more to run, plus it will need more routine maintenance than a conventional anaerobic system. But, if it is operated and maintained properly, the aerobic method provides exceptionally high quality treatment of wastewater. It is an ideal choice for people who live in wooded lots because there’s no need to clear a large portion of land to install a conventional tank and drain field.

It’s true that aerobic septic systems can cost up to two, or maybe even three, times more than conventional ones. However, the cost is dependent on design, size, location, installation and maintenance requirements. Another significant benefit of an aerobic system is that there is the potential for less pollution of groundwater.

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