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residential septicHow many households in America do you think rely on residential septic systems for the treatment of their wastewater? You reckon 5 million? No, go higher. What about15 million? No, go higher. The answer, according to an article on, is 27 million. Let’s say there is an average of three people in each home; this means that 81 million people rely on septic services!

Recent research shows that of the 27 million households, only 22% have chosen to install garbage disposals. The 78% do not choose garbage disposals because they feel the devices will damage their residential septic tanks and drain fields. The truth of the matter, according to key industry groups and the Federal Housing Authority, is that a garbage disposal is fine as long as it is coupled with a correctly sized septic system, and as long as the system is professionally maintained.

Now, what about additives? No! You can buy countless residential septic tank additives, but most of them will compromise bacterial activity. In fact, some products will actually kill microorganisms in the tank.

When this happens, solid waste is carried to the drain field. Then, it is curtains. The particles block the soil and gravel surrounding the perforated pipe in the field. Consequently, the polluted water has nowhere to go so it rises to the surface, or travels through the soil and contaminates other groundwater resources.

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