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real estate sale septic inspectionsThe buying and selling of real estate requires many different levels of detailed inspections and paperwork from a number of different parties. For properties with septic systems, this is no different, but one important component that shouldn’t be overlooked is the septic system itself. For real estate sale septic inspections, many homebuyers don’t know that there are two different options – one that is a basic inspection, and another full inspection of the property’s septic system

  1. Basic Inspection – Basic real estate sale septic inspections are often completed by a home inspector, and may simply be a cursory check of some of the home’s components, like flushing toilets and running faucets to make sure there are no warning signs of a backup. For newer homes, or homes that have recently had routine septic servicing, this basic inspection is probably fine.
  2. Full Inspection – Another option are full real estate sale septic inspections that require an experienced septic contractor who knows how to check the various components of a septic system for damage or causes for concern. This type of inspection is ideal for properties that have never had an inspection, are older with a well-established septic system, or in instances where the homebuyer plans to make changes to the home or landscape.

At Tampa Septic, we provide real estate sale septic inspections when required, and our experienced team will ensure all septic system components are in great shape before giving the thumbs up for a purchase. We believe that having a full septic system inspection is the best choice for many properties, and are happy to answer questions about whether there are any repairs that need to be addressed. Contact us today to learn more about this important service.