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Senate Bill Would Speed Up the Process for Septic Inspections

Putting in a new septic system at a residential or commercial building site or replacing an existing septic system is a big job. Before the project gets underway, septic inspections must be performed by the local municipality, and the right building permits must be acquired. This process also involves submitting a site plan that details all the features of the property being developed during the project.

Getting the right municipal authority to come and perform septic inspections during the building process can take time. And if scheduling holdups occur, the construction process can get delayed. To make the septic permitting process more efficient, the Florida Senate recently proposed a bill that would give home and business owners the ability to work with a Certified Environmental Health Professional or Master Septic Contractor instead. If this bill passes, it could expedite the septic building and replacement process, as well as let home and business owners work with a septic professional they are already familiar with.

We have done many septic inspections in an official capacity for the Florida Department of Health and are excited about this bill and how it could impact the septic building process. Our team at Tampa Septic knows that septic inspections are essential to the proper functioning of any new septic and drain field system, and we are eager to see how this new bill will impact septic building and replacement projects. For more information, reach out to us today.