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Septic system maintenance is not unlike other common events in our modern life. It’s fairly simple, but can have far-reaching consequences if neglected. For example, you take your car to your mechanic or dealership for a service visit. Oil is changed at regular intervals, and the various components of the vehicle are looked at by professionals who evaluate the general mechanical abilities of the machine. In addition to oil changes and tune-up, minor issues can be noted and fixed long before they affect the performance or function of the vehicle.

Septic System Maintenance and Your Home’s Bottom Line

Your septic system undergoes regular wear and tear as it is used. Over time, components can become damaged or fail, and regular septic system maintenance can spot these or other problems that could arise. Because of the nature of the system and its contents, it can be difficult or impossible to tell from the outside what is actually happening inside the tank. Only a licensed professional should pump the system, and only an equipped professional should ever enter the tank.

Septic system maintenance will usually involve measuring the levels of floating scum and sludge in the tank, removing sludge from the bottom of the tank, inspecting the interior of the tank for the proper placement and attachment of baffles or tees, and checking for leaks or other evidence that the tank and inlet pipes are completely watertight and for proper flow of the outlet pipe to the junction. Wastewater coming from the outlet pipe into the tank can indicate a problem with the drainage field.

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