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Springing a Leak: The Problem with Missed Septic System Repair

When you utilize a septic system at your home, the last thing you want is a septic backup. But what you might not know is that there are other smaller problems that can require septic system repair that fly under the radar. In fact, some of these things are difficult to detect without the help of a professional.

One common septic system repair that can easily be overlooked is a crack in the septic tank itself. This type of problem may not be immediately noticeable, but it can certainly cause problems if left unattended. It’s important that your septic professionals conduct a thorough inspection of the septic tank during routine cleaning to ensure there are no fractures to the storage tank.

Another common septic system repair that requires immediate attention is when the drain field has sustained damage. There are some early warning signs, like puddling in the yard when it hasn’t rained, and foul odors coming from the area. There are any number of things that could cause damage, but the most important thing to do is call in your septic contractor right away.

It’s important to remember that a septic backup is often a symptom of a larger septic system repair problem, not the cause. Routine maintenance is your first approach to preventing unexpected septic system repair.

At Tampa Septic, we deal with septic system repair concerns large and small. We’ll be happy to provide routine maintenance, diagnose an unseen problem, and ensure that your system is always working its best. Call us today if you need assistance with your septic system.