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septic system designIf you’re having a new septic system installed at your home or business, you may find it interesting to know that the basic components of a septic system are fairly simple. This basic septic system design has worked for many properties for decades, primarily using gravity to safely remove bacteria and wastewater back to the ground. The four primary components of septic system design are:

  1. Pipes – Your home’s plumbing is attached to pipes that lead away from your home to the septic tank where wastewater begins the filtering process. This is why it’s so important to take care of your plumbing in addition to your septic system!
  2. Tank – Septic tanks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities so that a home or business is outfitted with a tank that will be able to manage the use of water and any waste that comes from the property. It also includes the first filtration system that promotes healthy wastewater treatment.
  3. Drain Field – The third major component of septic system design is the septic drain field, where wastewater is filtered by way of permeated pipes and gravel back into the ground water. This critical step is what prepares gray water for it’s final stage.
  4. Soil – Lastly, treated and filtered gray water goes into the soil where it is dispersed back into the ground water. During initial septic system design, your soil will be tested to be sure that it is not contaminated and that it will be equipped to handle this stage of the wastewater management process.

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