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A septic control panel is a valuable tool

A septic control panel is a valuable tool that allows you to monitor the condition of your septic system and control many of its functions. Your septic control panel can enable you to power the air pump and water pump, in some cases by using a timer. They can also warn you when the air pump or water pump is failing, providing an early alarm that can prevent extensive or costly repairs. Because there are various types of septic control panels, your panel may also include a circuit breaker for the pump, fuses for the alarm circuit, and a high-water alarm. At Tampa Septic, we can discuss your septic control panel options with you and help you to select the best option for your septic system. Not sure that you need a septic control panel? Here are a few reasons why we recommend them:

  1. If you are having trouble maintaining your septic system and could benefit from having more control over its functions.
  2. If your septic system serves a commercial building or several residences, such as an apartment complex or a neighborhood.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with the maintenance and functioning of septic systems and could benefit from having an alarm to warn you of malfunctions.

Here at Tampa Septic, we are ready to install your septic control panel for you with expertise. We also believe in educating all of our customers, so you can depend on us to help you understand the functions of your control panel and know how to operate it. In the future, if an alarm on your panel should go off, you can call us at Tampa Septic to come right away to address the issue and provide you with solutions.

Call us at Tampa Septic to learn more about septic control panels.