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Septic Tank Repair

At Tampa Septic, we know that septic tank emergencies are some of the most unpleasant problems that can befall a household. The sooner you can detect a potential septic problem, the better; catching the problem early gives our team a better chance to fix it without major interventions. To help you identify possible septic problems, we’ve put together a list of warning signs that indicate you may need septic tank repair:

  • Sewage Backups- If your septic tank exceeds its capacity, you’ll start to see black sludge coming up from your toilets and drains. This sludge is sewage floating back up from your tank. This problem can be avoided with regular tank pumping, but in some cases it can indicate that you need more serious septic tank repair.
  • Slow Drainage- Another problem that can usually be avoided with cleaning, but can sometimes indicate that you need more serious septic tank repair, is slow drainage. A septic system in good working order will allow water to pass through your drains easily; if your drains start to slow down, it could mean that you need septic tank repair.
  • Foul Odors- If your home or yard develops a persistent stench, it’s a strong indicator that you need septic tank repair. Foul odors often result from a buildup of sewage in your tank, and the fuller it gets, the worse it will smell. If you notice a lingering odor in your home or on your property, we encourage you to call our team at Tampa Septic for a professional inspection.

If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s best to call for a professional assessment just to be safe. Our team at Tampa Septic will take care of any necessary septic tank repairs.