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keep drain fields working properly

Drain fields are a very important part of a septic system. They are sometimes an overlooked portion of these systems, but they should not be ignored! Here is a look at a few key things you should know about the drain field, so you can keep an eye on your septic tank.

The purpose of a drain field is to provide an area where wastewater can exit your septic tank. Waste comes through the sewage pipes of your home and is deposited in the septic tank. From here, bacteria that occurs naturally in the wastewater will begin to break down sewage waste. While solid waste sinks to the bottom, liquid waste water will exit the system through the drain field.

It is important to understand how the drain field works in your septic tank so that you can better understand and monitor the health of your septic system. Sometimes, drain fields are easy to view, and they provide a good indication of how well your septic tank is working. They also provide an area for your tank to successfully drain wastewater. In other septic systems, the drain field may be less obvious. Be sure to ask about your particular septic system the next time you have a system inspection.

Many people are surprised to learn that they may need drain field repair. Most people assume that this part of the system does not need to be updated. However, it is important to keep drain fields working properly. You can order a drain field inspection to ensure that your septic system is in tip-top shape!

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