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Purchasing or replacing a septic system or drain field is a big investment for any homeowner or business. Prices from company to company may vary widely, but like most things, you pay for what you get! Hiring the right company for your job can impact a variety of things, from resale value of your home to how long your septic system will last.

Here are 5 questions to ask before you sign a contract with a septic company:

   What was included in the scope of the quote? Are permits, commercial-quality materials, a licensed installer and a licensed electrician part of the work?

   Are overages for materials, permitting changes and other unknowns covered, or will they cost you extra? (You may need to read the fine print on this one!)

    How will the company handle any warranty work? What is included in the warranty? Will they look after it, or will they send a third party? How many years is the new or replacement system expected to last?

    Is the company licensed and insured? Do they carry General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance? Do they have the ability to add you to their business’ policy so that you have additional coverage?

    How will the design and installation affect your landscaping and the look of your home? This will factor into resale value down the line.

At Tampa Septic, we do the work right the first time. We have a thorough knowledge of drain fields and septic systems and would be happy to help you make an informed decision.

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