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At Tampa Septic, we realize that for most people, their septic system is out of sight and out of mind, so calling us for a septic inspection might not rank high on your home maintenance checklist. However, it is important to consider having this done even more often than you have your tank serviced. We handle quite a few extensive septic repairs that we could have resolved more cost-effectively if we had caught them earlier, so we highly recommend taking advantage of our diagnostic septic test. Here are all the key reasons why you should call us for regular septic inspections:

1.  Real Estate Transactions – If you’re buying, you should get an inspection done to get a good overview of what shape the septic system is in. If you’re selling, ask your realtor if it’s beneficial to have a proactive inspection done ahead of listing.

7 Key Reasons to Call for Septic Inspections [infographic]

2.  Ground Water Contamination- If your septic system isn’t operating properly, contaminants could be entering the ground water, which is a health hazard for not just your property’s well water, if you have one, but also for the water that supplies others in your community.

3.  Soil Contamination- In addition to contaminants getting into the ground water, the soils could also be compromised, creating a hazard in a place where your children, pets, and guests frequent.

4.  Code Regulations- There can often be code regulations related to keeping your septic system properly maintained and serviced. Having a record of regular septic inspections can save you from the liability of a contamination claim or getting fined for noncompliance. This is especially important when the property is changing ownership.

5.  Prevention of Premature Failure- Catching smaller problems early that can be corrected is your best defense against premature failure of the septic tank or drain field.

6.  Avoid Messy Backup- Keeping your septic system performing properly is the best defense against a backup that requires biohazard cleanup to avoid health problems.

7.  Replacement Planning- Septic inspections can give you time to plan for replacement by alerting you when your septic system is nearing its natural end.